Geeking out!

Having wrapped up my previous gig as VP of Engineering at UniversityNow earlier this month, I’ve been spending my free time over the past couple of weeks geeking out a bit, something I haven’t done with any real intensity in ages.

First up has been moving this here blog to EC2. I made heavy use of this writeup – extremely helpful.

I’ve been toying with moving my mail server to EC2 using node.js-backed Haraka. I’ve got the configuration working as I’d like, but I’m still negotiating with Amazon over the parts that they need to do to encourage other mail hosts (I’m looking at you, Yahoo mail) to believe that my server is a legitimate source of email and not a spambot. It’s unclear whether this will be successful, but it’s been educational nonetheless.

I also got myself a new laptop and have been happily hacking away on that too. I dumped my personal vim configuration in favor of the Janus distribution and am still working my way back to proficiency with the new key bindings: “Thumb-tied and twisted, just a vim-bound misfit, I”

I’m also planning to set up a bootcamp/VirtualBox instance so I can run the occasional Windows program, like IE.

Nathalie is puzzled at what all the fuss is about, but I can begin to feel the power flowing again, which is nice. Better, stronger, faster.