Political Analogies

I’m looking for additional options to round out the following:
George W. Bush is to Albania as…

  1. Jerry Lewis is to France
  2. David Hasselhoff is to Germany
  3. … ?

Feel free to submit your ideas for evaluation in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Political Analogies

  1. Todd Post author


    No, I’m afraid that would not count as a correct answer. Would you like to try again?

  2. Wenzi

    Jan Hus is to the Czech Republic.

    Junji Hirata is to Japan.

    Mr. Obscure reference is to Taiwan.

  3. Todd Post author


    No, no, no…

    The essence of the analogy is that the person is inexplicably loved by the people of a foreign country much more than by his native countrymen.

    Jan Hus (though burned at the stake for his heretical statements), is revered today as a national hero by the Czech. Junji Hirata doesn’t appear to have any particularly strong following outside of Japan. Thus neither of them qualify.

    Mr. Obscure :: Taiwan could be a good fit, though…

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