Boston’s Brad Delp: 1951-2007

I just learned that Brad Delp, vocalist for the band Boston, died in his home yesterday at age 55.

Though I was only 9 years old when Boston’s eponymous album was released, I would still count that band in the top contributors to my musical coming of age, Aerosmith and The Beatles being the other two. It’s no great surprise to learn that Delp considered The Beatles to be one of his top influences, and had in fact been fronting an apparently popular Beatles tribute band called Beatlejuice since the mid-90′s.

It’s been such a long time,
I think I should be goin’.
‘Cause time doesn’t wait for me,
It keeps on rollin’.


2 thoughts on “Boston’s Brad Delp: 1951-2007

  1. Teddy

    What about Led Zeppelin???

    I was just here to get the link to amazon to charge .13 to save on shipping.

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