Monthly Archives: January 2007

Free shipping on

I like shopping on amazon — they’ve got a great selection and they’re super-reliable. But I am suspicious at how often my checkout tally comes out just below $25, which is the point at which their free shipping kicks in.

Fear not! There’s a site that can help you find items on Amazon that cost just those few pennies you need to bump your order over the limit. I’ve used this a few times before, and it works fine. I do feel guilty about tossing out the bit of garbage that I have to buy to qualify for free shipping, but what’s a guy to do? If there were some way of having them add a dollar to my order that they would then give to a charitable cause, I’d be all over that. Alas, they don’t appear to be that enlightened yet.

It’s alive!

Spurred on by Bob’s having blog-tagged me, I decided to dust off this WordPress installation and take it for a spin. That involved upgrading to the latest version of WordPress and, in the spirit of the New Year, grabbing a new theme, Ocadia. What do you think? The little swirly icon in the theme makes me think of both Tolkien and the Artist FKaP. It’s probably some unforgivably offensive curse in a druid language, and now I’m going to have a bunch of angry trolls swinging axes around.

The internets can be a dangerous place.

Apropos of nothing, I leave you with this important lesson in history. Warning: this is not work safe.